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I’m doing this soon :))


I’m doing this soon :))

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elie saab s/s 2014

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I’m not good at a lot of things. I’m not a fast thinker and I can’t make you laugh out of nowhere and I get sad easier than most people I know. But I can do the small things. I can hold your hand and help you be brave, lead the way through the trenches and keep your head held high. I can lift you with words and give you smiles when the rest of the world is intent on making you frown. I’ll be your blanket when you’re cold. I’ll watch your favorite show with you, just so you can have someone in the room with you. I’ll make disastrous attempts at cooking that we’ll both laugh at, howling and tears in our eyes and the lasagna still bubbling burning on the stovetop while we cling to each other. When you’re sad, I’ll wrap you up with coffee or tea or whatever you please, running a hand over your knee and whispering all the lovely things you want said, even if you don’t believe them yet. I can be everything for you.

You’re out there somewhere. Hang on. Be patient, I promise it will all be worth it. One day I’ll find you and you’ll find me too. See you soon, my love.

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